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Sourcing - Strategy - Alliance
At APAC, we work closely from the three �Low Cost Regions�, with global companies to create and deliver the essential advantage to remain competitive. We enable companies to implement Strategic Global Sourcing, explore opportunities for undertaking Research and Product Development, Licensing and consult in getting Alliance partner for Toll Manufacturing, Marketing & Distribution..read more >

We enable global companies to remain competitive in the world market by levereging the the asset base, technology, IPR and human capital of suppliers in three 'Low Cost Regions'. read more >


The services we provide are:

  1. Strategic Sourcing
  2. Partner Search
  3. Contract Manufacturing
  4. Licensing
  5. Research & Development
  6. Business Intelligence
  7. Vendor Audit

Our Business Philosophy


These are challenging times for global business, and simultaneously management expectations are growing for higher ‘top & bottom line’.

To accomplish this a viable option is to leverage technology, human capital and asset base of suppliers, located in three ‘Low Cost Regions’. This would enable manufacturers in developed economies to retain their market share against the rising competition from the emerging nations.

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Purpose • People • Process


The three building blocks of APAC. We strive towards excellence by creating a seamless synergy between the three.

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We are building capabilities around Chemistry, Materials & Life Science businesses to enable our clients to innovate, reduce cost, improve process, adopt more 'Greener' ways in their technologies & manufacturing processes.

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The domains we serve are:

  1. Pharmaceuticals
  2. Ingredients-Food Industry
  3. Basic and Industrial Chemicals
  4. Chemicals-Personal Care
  5. Speciality and Performance Chemicals
  6. Natural Products

Ethics and Values  


APAC sets approach to ethical and sustainable business practice and is based on the highest ethical standards.

We are commited to environmentally sustainable business, respect and promote human rights, fair workplace practices, equal opportunities, and practice zero-tolerance policy for unfair trade practises.

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Green Chemistry   


Sustainability is a core value in our value system, and we believe being greener is a small step towards a large cause.

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To receive our green newsletter, write to us at green@apacss.com


President & CEO


We enable our clients to
implement LCR Sourcing
Process as an integral part of business strategy to make their enterprise sustainable.  

Associations & Affiliation