Strategic Planning

Strategic Planning





Client: An USA based multinational adhesive company

Mandate: Businesse Alliance

Location: Asia

Challenges: Developing a business partnership for the client in a significant unexplored Asia region.

Project Tasks:
Evaluating the client’s business requisites and a detailed market analysis.
Identifying potential organizations which could fit in the MNC’s global plan.
Applying extensive research and analytics, to a single company having the best strategic fit with the client.

The Solution:
APAC was able to identify 13 likely organizations which could fit in the MNC’s global plan. With extensive research and analytics, we have been able
to streamline our findings to a single company which would have been the best strategic fit to the client.


Case 2


Client: An Indian Metal and Pharmaceutical Company

Mandate: Organizational Restructuring

Location: India

Challenge: Synchronizing the business segments of the client dealing into Metal and Pharma manufacturing.

Project Tasks:
Identifying the key variables of both the business functions.
SWOT analysis.
Comparative evaluation of the intrinsic value of both functions.

The Solution:
Our team fragmented the business in two major segments – core and non-core. The later was sold off profitably to a global Pharma giant and one of the
nation's largest venture capital company bought 1/5th of the core segment. This is viewed as the major success to their organization till date.