What We Do

What We Do



At APAC, we work closely from the three ‘Low Cost Regions’, with global companies to create and deliver the essential advantage to remain competitive. We enable companies to implement Strategic Global Sourcing, explore opportunities for undertaking Research and Product Development, Licensing and consult in getting Alliance partner for Toll Manufacturing, Marketing & Distribution.



We work with global companies and have consistently added values to our clients business model. We have continuously evolved our capabilities and applied innovative thinking to our services to achieve customer delight in every endeavors of ours.



We are building capabilities around Chemistry, Materials & Life Science businesses to enable the industry to innovate, reduce cost, improve process, adopt more 'Greener' ways in their technologies & manufacturing processes.


Regional Development

Regional Development is an integral part of our business philosophy where in, we leverage natural resource, technology, human capital and asset base of suppliers located in low cost regions.


Supplier Lead Initiative

With Supplier Lead initiative APAC strives to team up with Indian Chemical Manufacturers to develop and execute global marketing strategies and manage complexities – A cost effective partner in building global network.