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India has become a hot spot destination for offshoring research and development [R&D] for globally operating companies. India's special advantage resides in its provider base, which is abundant, nimble and resourceful. It can achieve voluminous, high-quality output at low cost. Research costs in India are about 40% less than in the West. The estimated cost of trials for developing a standard drug in India is half that of the US.


We assist our clients by bringing to them available research inputs, i.e., manpower, technologies, processes and methods to enable customers to empower their core R&D work. We have an inbuilt database of organic chemists, scientists, record of GMP approved facilities and a high expertise in pharmaceuticals and chemicals which heavily benefits our clients to imbibe breakthrough ideas and enable you to implement them into valuable solutions. With our desire to innovate and continuously evolve, we support them with expansive and applicable knowledge which has a lasting impact on their business.