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Over the past few years Asia-Pacific has experienced secular growth in Business alliances. Key factors driving business alliances in Asia- Pacific are: Supportive regulatory environment, private equity and finacial investors, globalisation and regionalisation of local champions in several markets.


Leading chemical manufacturers are entering emerging markets through joint ventures or acquisitions mainly in the Middle East to gain access to feedstocks, and in China and India to develop a local market presence. The most successful chemical producers in the near future are likely to be those that embrace the changing dynamics in the global chemical industry and effectively position themselves in emerging markets.


Managing and rationalizing existing assets in the EU and investing in new facilities in emerging and fast growing markets has been a key trend in the global chemicals sector recently. Growth in Western Europe started to decline in recent years, making Asia, the Middle East, and Latin America the new markets driving growth. The Asian chemical market is highly fragmented and is still dominated by a plethora of relatively small players in terms of market capitalization. Thus, they present as attractive takeover targets for many European and US chemical players.


We at APACSS, combining our experience and knowledge with our desire to innovate, assist our clients to find solutions beyond the obvious to get a fit for square pegs in round holes. If you intend to explore new markets in Asia, Eastern Europe and South America, if your route is blocked by your competitors and the like, we invite you to avail our services. With our extensive market entry feasibility protocols and continuous research coupled with our well established network, we will bring to table the most suitable solution for setting up a joint venture, acquisition or alliance, everything that fulfils your supply chain demands.