Regional Development

Regional Development



Regional Development is an integral part of our business philosophy where in, we leverage natural resource, technology, human capital and asset base of suppliers located in low cost regions and encourage our customers from developed economies to develop a collaborative approach with the LCR Suppliers and retain their market share against the rising competition from the emerging nations.


At APAC, we have segmented the globe into two parts viz., the High Cost Region which comprises USA/Western Europe/Canada and the Low Cost Region, viz., Asia/Central and Eastern Europe/Latin America.


Our customers are based in HCR and we serve them from our suppliers located in LCR region. We have dedicated separate teams working for every respective regions .


APAC Team collaborates with a number of industry associations along with extensive secondary research activities which ensure that we are always fully up-to-date with the latest events and trend of the region.


We partner with the chemical association of various countries and keeps on gathering critical informations to keep us abreast about the latest happenings in the chemical industries of the focussed countries. Along with the associations we also work closely with the embassies and partner with them to organize various chemicals meets etc.


Our team undergoes extensive secondary research activites by, aggregating and analyzing a number of secondary information sources, including:

 • National Governmental Statistics

 • CII Assistance

 • International data (official international sources)

 • National and International trade associations

 • Company Annual Reports

 • Business Information Libraries and databases

 • Export Import Data


We have a validated suuplier database of around 400 suppliers from all the three regions currently and we keep on adding in the list on a regular manner and ensure highest quality service to our customers.