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Personal Care Ingredients Cosmetics in a variety of forms date back to early civilizations, with the need to improve ones personal appearance being an important factor in attracting a mate. Over the years the ingredients have changed dramatically as we discovered how to manufacture our own scents and cosmetic formulae. The realisation of the dangers of many common ingredients also greatly affected the growing industry.


Total Value of Global Personal Care & Cosmeceuticals Industry is USD 400 Billion . Europe is the largest continent has accounted for 38 % marketshare globally . The United States is the world's largest cosmetics market, valued at US $45.4 billon, followed by Japan at US $21.9 billon, France at US $12.1 billion, Germany at US $11.6 billion, the UK at US $10.1 billion, and Italy at US $8.5 billion.BRIC nations and Argentina are the hotspots of Personal care Industry ,growing more than 10 % rate. All European Nations are growing at below avg( less than 5 % ) growth rate.


Green Personal Care Ingredients Market : The natural personal care industry has continued to gain momentum over the past year despite a crippling global recession.On a global scale, the natural personal care market is approaching $300 billion at the retail level, with the BRIC countries and Argentina expanding their share at a rapid rate. In Europe, still the largest region, the natural personal care segment posted nearly 14% growth in 2009, compared to the overall market at just 4%. In the United States, the segment peaked at 8%-still quite robust considering the overall performance in the industry as a whole.



Classification of Cosmetics Ingredients

Cell-Communicating Ingredients
Film-Forming/Holding Agents
Prescription Drugs
Scrub Agents
Skin-Identical Ingredients
Sunscreen Actives
UV Fillers

Coloring Agents/Pigments
Fragrance: Synthetic and
Fragrant Plant Extracts
Leave-On Exfoliant
Plant Extracts
Slip Agents
Surfactants/Detergent Cleansing Agents



Personal Care Ingredients - LCR Play


India has the potential to become a major market for personal care ingredients. Emollients is the highest growing segment expected to see the highest volume growth, with a projected 11.3% increase by 2014. About 44% of the personal care ingredients sector is shared among six main players with the remainder taken by smaller regional players and imports. Galaxy Surfactants is a key player in the Indian personal care ingredients industry, with major suppliers including ISP, Clariant, DSM, Croda and BASF all tapping into the market and increasing competition.


China: Conditioning polymers, surfactants, and rheology control agents are leading the Chinese personal care ingredients market, which has a total size of about 75,000 tonnes. The Chinese ingredient market is concentrated since the top nineplayers account for about 54% of the overall market.


Japan: In 2009, the Japanese personal care ingredients market reached almost 30,000 tonnes on a 100% active basis. Surfactants and rheology control agents are the leading product categories having a combined volume market share of 58%.


SE ASIA: Entire SE Asia is the hub of Oleo based cosmetic ingredients due to huge palm oil resource .


Personal Care Industry is recession resist industry and is growing at a 6 % growth rate which has a tremendous potential to do business from Low Cost Regions. Skin care is the largest segment in Personal care and it is expected to grom 10 % CAGR basis. APAC's physical presence in LCR that enables it to develop, maintain and build upon good relationship with low cost sourcing intelligence , strong relation with suppliers and thorough understanding of local factors that play a key role in sourcing from LCR. As a result we get to source those niche products which are difficult to source otherwise .