Natural Products

Natural Products



Plant-based natural products that are collected from the wild, grown as cultivated crops or in agroforestry systems are used widely in number of different industries for their pharmaceutical, nutraceutical, cosmetic and other industrial and heath applications.


The natural products subsector remains an area of economic growth around the world especially among the developing countries.


The global natural products industry, including the key sub-sectors of food and beverages, cosmetics, herbal medicines and pharmaceuticals, has been estimated to be valued at about US$ 68 billion per annum and continues to grow. While this suggests many potential opportunities for increased trade in natural products, the lack of international standard classification of natural products creates problems in trade, tracking and particularly in measuring trade volumes and tariff analysis.


Natural products are widely dispersed, production is highly variable and is often collected in small quantities, is often seasonally dependent and some products are highly perishable. Therefore, the emergence of new voluntary trade standards, quality assurance schemes, codes of practice and certification schemes and the development of appropriate post-harvest handling and storage or value-addition processing presents key market access challenges for natural products.


The market for natural personal care products has persevered through the recession, posting strong gains around the world. Spurred by growing consumer awareness, better raw material supplies, and wider availability of more affordable products, the naturals market posted double-digit gains in 2009. It is a sustained pattern of strong growth that has personal care product marketers of all sizes looking to seize the growing opportunities in worldwide markets to tap into this attractive industry. With more than a 15% CAGR over the last five years, the naturals trend seems to have solidified its position as more than just a passing fad. While the trend is growing steadily worldwide. Naturals are Here to Stay.


For natural products in Asia exists great untapped potential - at a time when many businesses are shrinking, the natural, organic and healthy products market continues to increase. APAC provides all the details on the seasonality of the product, market movement and price updates, regulatory requirement like FCC, Halal, Kosher, HACCP, Non GMO etc.