Food Ingredients

Food Ingredients



Food Ingredient is any substance that either becomes part of a food product, either directly or indirectly, during some phase of processing, storage or packaging or can be consumed alone as food.


This market is broadly categorized into food additives, color additives, GRAS(generally regarded as safe) substances and Prior sanctioned substances. Food Additives are further divided into Direct & Indirect Additives. They can be listed as:


Preservatives Emulsifiers Calorie reduction
Firming agents Bulking agents


Gelling Agents

Glazing agents Anti-caking agents  
Hydrocolloids Sweeteners Sequestrates Humectants  
Enzymes/Tenderizers Functional foods Raising agents Acidity regulators  


The market of Food ingredients is one of the most lucrative and fastest growing one. It is projected that Food Ingredient market will exceed $33.9 billion by the year 2015. This fact coupled with our expertise creates unique value proposition for our customer.


Our LCR based Business model, provides us the capability to come up with low cost sourcing options which meet the desired regulatory requirement. Presence of LCR regional experts also enables us to source products from regions of choice of our customer.


Apart from these our customer also benefits from our physical presence in LCR that enables us to develop, maintain and build upon good relationship with suppliers and thorough understanding of local factors that play a key role in sourcing from LCR. As a result we get the premium of sourcing those products which are difficult to source otherwise.