Water Treatment and Detergent Active Chemicals

The demand for Safe and freshwater is consistently increasing due to the rising demands of Human needs and industrial activities with which the requirement of Water treatment chemicals and Detergent Active chemicals has increased proportionally. The chemical industry uses innovative methods for water treatment to make water suitable for Irrigation, Industrial, and other purposes. Water treatment applications can be broadly divided into four categories:
  1. Boiler Water treatment
  2. Cooler Water treatment
  3. Water Purification
  4. Treatment of Wastewater effluent
We at APAC sourcing solutions provide water treatment and Detergent Active chemicals which can be classified based on their properties and uses. Following are the types of water treatment chemicals:
  1. Algaecides
  2. Antifoams
  3. Biocides
  4. Boiler Water chemicals
  5. Coagulants
  6. Corrosion Inhibitors
  7. Disinfectants
  8. Oxidants
  9. Oxygen Scavengers
  10. pH conditioners
  11. Treatment of Wastewater effluent
  12. Resin Cleaners
  13. Scale Inhibitors
APAC Sourcing solutions provide water treatment and Detergent Active chemicals applied in water treatment stations, swimming pools, wastewater treatment plants, water supply systems, sewage systems, etc. We help our customers by providing them chemicals according to their specific requirements.