Asia is an emerging market with an expected growth rate of about 5.3%, highest among Latin America, Eastern Europe, North America and Western Europe. This market is slowly and slowly becoming the hub in Chemical and manufacturing industry in general. Asia has a diverse portfolio of chemicals from Petrochemicals to basic chemicals to inorganic chemicals.


Central and Eastern Europe

We see all the dimensions of a multipolar world at play in Central and Eastern Europe (CEE), as the region continues to grow in importance in terms of opportunities for business investments and growth in different industries, including Chemicals.


Latin America

Latin America consists of 20 countries. It has a population of 550 million and GDP of 4 trillion dollars (2009- ECLAC estimate ). Total trade in 2009 1.4 trillion dollars of which exports were 750 billion dollars and imports US$ 650 billion. It is expected to grow to a market value of USD63 billion at retail prices by 2012.