Regional Competitiveness

Regional Competitiveness



Regional competitiveness is a strategic advantage of one particular region over another within a competitive industry or a product line. There are certain fundamental determinants which can define the competitveness of a particular region, the major ones are the availability of natural resources, demographic advantages, infrastructure and technology available in the region and last but not the least the government regualtions. In chemical industry, out of the above mentioned factors, natural resources play a major role in deciding the competitive nature of a product line or category, for example Phosphates from China, Castor from India, crude from Middle East, to name a few.


Our three LCRs - Asia, Central & Eastern Europe and Latin America have distinct competitive categories and we categorically work on these categories to ensure highest value for our clients.


Asia : Asia is traditionally strong in its natural resources like Petroleum, Palm Oil, Castor and with time have developed rapidly in its manufacturing capabilities. The government policies have further supported the industrial development by promoting export and lowering the tariff barriers which have helped the rapid growht. In today's world, Asian power houses like China, Japan, India, Saudi Arabia, South Korea, Indonesia are some of the strongest names in global chemical industry and are expanding heavily.


Central & Eastern Europe: CEE have taken huge strides forwards in their economic framework since the Iron Curtain days and are coming as one of the major economic centres. Petroleum, natural gas, coal are some of its major natural resource backed up by strong R&D know how and supportive Government policies are helping the chemical industry to come up strongly in the global footprint. Some of the major upcoming countries from the region are Czech Republic, Poland, Romania, which are earning headlines in the global chemical industry.


Latin America: Latin America is abundant with some of the most important natural resources in the world, like iron ore (one fifth of the world'd reserves), copper reseves (one fourth of the world's reserve), ethanol to name a few. Along with the natural reserves, developed infrastructure, supportive government policies, export oriented industry have ensured a steady industrial growth.


At APAC, we strongly belive in tapping the most competitive categories from each region and based on them we build our portfolios and ensure highest values for our clients.