Organic Chemicals

The Carbon-containing compounds are produced using crude oil and Exhibit potential applications in the sphere of consumer goods, food and beverages, pharmaceuticals, agrochemicals, fertilizers, polymers, cosmetic products, automotive components and chemical products among others. Organic chemicals can be categorized based on:
  • Functional groups (Aldehydes, Alcohols, Amines, Esters etc.)
  • Chemical property (Color, Boiling point, Flash point, Density etc.)
  • Grades (Technical grade, High Purity grade, Feed Grade etc.)
  • Route of Synthesis

Market of Organic

The market is mainly technology driven and as a result, R&D forms a significant part of the manufacturer's cost. The market is fragmented, and the players focus on product segments that are primarily characterized by capital intensive, high volume, low margin products. Organic Chemicals are divided into following categories:

1) Alcohols      5) Carboxylic acids      9) Aldehydes
2) Ethers      6) Alkanes     10) Ketones
3) Esters      7) Alkenes      11) Polymers
4) Amines      8) Alkynes      12) Proteins

Our Strength

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