MBAs/ MTech/ BTech - Chemical Engineering Students

Put your theoretical knowledge into practice.

Are you keen to show us your capabilities and demonstrate your expertise? If so, we would love to have you as an intern at APAC. We are always looking for talented, dedicated students from the world of Chemistry and Management. At APAC, we offer an incredible number of exciting projects to MBAs, MTech & Chemical Engineering students during their coursework. We are always open to new ideas and unconventional approaches to adding value to our customers.

Depending on the nature of the project, you will work independently or as part of a team. Your mentor will be right by your side to answer any questions you may have, provide support, and give you regular feedback on your work.

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Marketing & Business Development Career Opportunities - MBAs/ MTech/ Chemical Engineers with 5 -10 years' experience in exports of Chemicals

APAC is a global B2B sourcing company working with leading chemical manufacturing companies in ASIA and major Distribution companies in USA, Canada, and EU Our business development marketing and sales professionals drive growth by staying abreast of the global market with its ever-changing demands. Reacting to these changes quickly and efficiently requires market transparency. In business development, you will collaborate with our customers' sales/marketing teams to identify new business opportunities and ideas, including identification and proposal of new products, markets, and research and development projects.

In Marketing & Sales function, you are responsible for the growth strategies, working in close collaboration with customer's supply chain and marketing teams at their various centers. As part of our marketing & sales team, you are responsible for a customer portfolio in a country, and you keep abreast of our customers' ever-changing demands. To react to these changes quickly and efficiently, customer orientation and close interaction are two of the most critical success factors. You solidify the market leadership of APAC in cooperation with APAC's logistics team and Customer's Sales team.

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Customer Account Support Opportunities/ Supply Chain Management - MBAs/ MTech/ Chemical Engineers with 5 -10 years' experience in exports of Chemicals

To ensure APAC's sustainable success in the global market, we make and implement many business decisions daily, especially in procurement and logistics. Securing competitively priced key strategic materials, and offering our customers the on-time delivery, Quality, and security. These are critical factors in our business. Our procurement activities cover whatever is needed to make our customers win in their local market. We work with competitive manufacturers who sustainably contribute to the value of APAC and our customers.

When supplying key strategic raw materials and providing technical /documentation support, or while following up Sea/Air shipments transportation, you, as a member of our Customer Account Support team, need to ensure providing 100% correct, timely delivery, documentation, and Quality. As one of our customer account support team, you oversee the integration of key business processes from end-to-end through original manufacturers until reaching the consignment to customer's location that adds value for our customers and saves their management time.

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APAC employees must respect and encourage APAC Values at work. It is expected from Employees employees that they live by these four core values and build the business around these
- Customer Focused attitude
- Unquestionable Trust
- Superior Performance, and
- Total Commitment

from its employees and ensures that they live by these four core values and build the business around them.