Inorganic chemicals

Inorganic chemicals are of mineral origin. Inorganic chemicals include Acids, Bases, Metal salts and minerals. Inorganic chemicals are used as Catalyst, Pigments, Coatings, Surfactants, medicines, fuels, Food, Agrochemicals, mining industry, Fluid formulation, electronics, plastics, rubber etc. Wide applications have led to the rising demand of Inorganic chemicals. Inorganic chemicals can vary depending on:
  • Concentration
  • Impurities level
  • Grade (Industrial grade, Reagent grade, technical grade, feed grade etc.)
  • Physical form (Flakes, Powder, Prills etc.)

Types of Inorganic

  • Bio-Organic Compounds - Natural and Synthetic compounds that include metallic elements bonded to proteins and other biological chemistries.

  • Cluster compounds - Ensembles of bound atoms. They are intermediate in size, typically larger than a molecule yet more defined than a bulk solid.

  • Co-ordination compounds - Compounds where the central ion, typically a transition metal, is surrounded by a group of anions or molecules.

  • Organic Metallics - Compounds that include carbon atoms directly bonded to a metal ion.

Our Strength

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