Green Chemistry

Green Chemistry



APAC Beliefs


At APAC,we are committed to sustainable chemistry, with a strategic business unit wholly devoted in our ongoing endeavor to address the world's most pressing environmental needs. We believe that sustainable chemistry will become a key area in a modern and innovative society and reducing environmental footprints a key issue. In the area of the environment, we’re providing innovative products and solutions to improve both our own ecobalance and those of our customers and suppliers. In the area of business, we’re focusing on long-term value creation. An ongoing, sustainable development in the area of environmental protection requires the conservative use of natural resources; and, so, our knowledge and our solutions work in tandem towards a better environment.


'Green' Vs 'Greener'


Defining "green" chemicals is difficult because the concept encompasses a variety of factors: perception, empirical values, geographical area of use, the application for which they are used, available alternatives, and a knowledge of the total manufacturing process. There's certainly no shortage of so-called green information out there these days as a result of which we're all in danger of confusing "greener" with "green. "Green" suggests something that does no harm to the environment, society or individuals. There's a big difference between green and greener and we as a society need to recognize it. We have a long way to go to get green. We're just dipping our toes into greener. Today companies are becoming greener by reducing environmental footprint ,improving energy efficiency while minimizing waste and targeting long-term carbon neutrality and securing greener raw materials and energy sources.Going greener is crucial if a business wants to survive today. Not only will this choice improve the health and safety of employees and customers, but it will reduce costs and enhance business, as well.


Our Services


By leveraging our core competencies, we search for sustainable products that benefit our customers. Our goal is to continue to work to expand this offering by sourcing new green ingredients from our 3LCRs. Currently we are providing the following services in the area of sustainable chemistry:

1.Green Newsletter/Reports.

2.Green Product Database.

3.Green Product Sourcing.

4.Green Technology Partnerships.

5.Green Vendor Audits.




The increase of environmental concerns and government regulations has spurred the chemical industry to innovation and reformulation of products that address a broad spectrum of human and environmental safety factors. There are presently global laws such as REACH, and federal laws such as The Safe Chemicals Act 2010, being introduced to encourage consumers and businesses to “Go Green” in order to stave off more health problems and environmental damage from the imprudent use of hazardous chemicals in the past decades. We are investing in searching and sourcing of safe alternatives that can reduce toxics, create new business opportunities and, in the process, transform many current jobs into green jobs.