The APAC code of Conduct with reference to our various stakeholders

The APAC Code of Conduct sets our approach to ethical and sustainable business practices based on the highest ethical standards. It outlines our commitment to environmentally sustainable business, respect and promotes human rights and fair workplace practices, equal opportunities, and our zero-tolerance policy on unfair trade practices.

APAC's commitment to the various stakeholders of the business is the pillar of our corporate ethics and values.

Customer satisfaction is the core of our business, and APAC ensures to maintain the highest level of transparency in our dealings with customers and keep strict confidentiality of their projects to avoid any clash of conflicts.

Suppliers are one of the pillars of our business, and APAC deals with them with an unbiased approach irrespective of demographic/geographic factors. APAC shares the same set of information and specifications with all suppliers and ensures that all are dealt at the same platform, and no preferential treatment is being offered to any supplier.

Business Associates
Associates and their employees abide by the Code in their interaction with, and on behalf of, APAC. APAC signs an agreement with associates to support the confidentiality of information. APAC remains fair with their associates, involve them in its value chain, imparts its philosophy, and helps them to evolve in their business.

APAC, in its business activities, respects the culture, customs, and traditions of each country and region in which it operates and is also committed to environmentally sustainable business models by promoting green chemistry with all its stakeholders.

APAC ensures that its management practices and business conduct benefit the country,
localities, and communities in which it operates, to the extent possible and affordable,
and shall be following the laws of the land. Being a responsible corporate, APAC adheres strictly to taxing regulations and pays off all its taxes in regular intervals. APAC conforms to trade procedures, including licensing, documentation, and other necessary formalities, as applicable within the land laws.

APAC employees must respect and encourage APAC Values at work. APAC expects:
- Customer Focused attitude
- Unquestionable Trust
- Superior Performance, and
- Total Commitment

from its employees and ensures that they live by these four core values and build the business around them.

Employees are expected to abide by the Code in their interaction with, and on behalf of, APAC. APAC sign a non-disclosure agreement with employees to support the confidentiality of information.