Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (API for Human and Animal) and its Intermediates

The global pharmaceutical market has an estimated worth of over US$ 1.5 trillion. The market is divided by regions into Asia Pacific, North America, Europe, Latin America, the Middle East, and Africa. Out of these, North America alone has an API market revenue of over USD 79.80 billion. Over 70% of the drugs sold in the USA contain APIs and intermediates manufactured outside the USA.
Hence, API Sourcing plays a significant role in maintaining supply chains in the global pharmaceutical market. Due to the high price of branded drugs, there is a massive market for generic drugs in high-cost regions such as the USA, Canada, and Europe. Indian Pharmaceutical Industry is ranked 4th in the world, of the volume of sales, the estimated worth of US$ 6 billion every year. The Indian Pharma Industry caters almost 70% of the domestic demand for bulk drugs. India produces around 20% to 24% of the global generic drugs and has the Capacity and Technology of complex drug manufacturing.
In API Sourcing, there are three significant criteria involved in decision making, which are: Quality, Security of supply, and cost. India already has the most significant number of US Food and Drug Administration (USFDA) standardized manufacturing units outside United States territory. Further, Indian manufacturers have implemented all the required regulatory policies and standards required by the FDA to boost their growth. There has been a significant increase in the number of DMF and CEP filings of Indian manufacturers in recent years. Pharma companies focus on either drug discovery and development or sales and marketing.
API sourcing solves the problem of maintaining supply, allowing pharma companies to invest more in drug discovery and development. Earlier, outsourcing was based on a country’s capacity to produce a surplus. Now, the decision is based on the cost-effectiveness of investment and the speed of the process. This makes API and intermediate sourcing particularly valuable. Sourcing of APIs and intermediates requires an exceptional understanding of the global marketplace, trends, and shifts in the market, current market regulations for specific products, and demands by different organizations such as the FDA, Health Canada, and EDQM and pricing trends of different APIs and intermediates.
This business poses several challenges, and those companies with secure networking and sourcing strategies are likely to thrive. APAC has strategically sourced critical APIs and intermediates based on “Non-Infringement” processes. Proven capability to save 10% to 30% of the last buying price, we have worked proactively to participate in business planning, supply chain management of the customer to improve their product mix. Expertise in Pharma Industry and trustworthy relationship enables us superior negotiation and sourcing of hard to find complex molecules.